What we Do

Turning traditional Aid upside down is our Mission

Campfire Innovation’s first challenge was to create a map of trusted grassroots organizations in Greece. Since September 2016, Campfire Innovation field coordinators have visited over 60 separate grassroots organizations. These visits have allowed Campfire to build a sharp and unique understanding of the challenges faced by refugees and grassroots teams on the ground. You can see our network here.

We have created opportunities to share resources among the grassroots community and strengthen their ability to respond to the needs of refugees.

These come in the form of informal, yet productive events like our monthly Smart Aid Gathering or as the more institutional Athens Grassroots Coordination System, a participatory system for grassroots to decide on effective actions, similar to the humanitarian cluster system. For more, see our projects below.

We are creating a network of institutions, organisations and individuals committed to humanitarian innovation. We connect them to grassroots organisations to offer pro bono services, volunteer experts and tech equipment donations to increase their capacity.

See below for our current flagship project in this field: the pro bono expert volunteers.

We strive to provide a platform, and a megaphone, for grassroots and civil society response to showcase their work, and to call for collaboration from grassroots, to INGOs, corporates and academic for efficient and dignified aid.

Over the last year, we have hosted panel discussions and networking events, facilitated a documentary production and academic research.

As we have built up our track record inside the grassroots community, we have also welcomed the recognition of the wider humanitarian sector. In recent months, Campfire Innovation has attended international events, advocating for the grassroots community in Greece, as speakers at MakeSense’s “Global Goals x Disruptive Tech” in NYC, the WEF Global Dignity Day in Athens, and the Techfugees Global Summit in Paris.

We have also supported research into the grassroots & civil society response by top researchers from the University of Oxford, LSE, Loyola University, and the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum.

Our Projects