RefCamp is what you can find under the Resource section of our page. It is a collection of best practices, practical tools and resources for grassroots, inspired by real examples and the work of our team on the field.

By overcoming practical bottlenecks commonly faced by grassroots actors – from skills mismatches between short-term volunteers and the needs of the organization, to assistance with priorities outside an organization’s core speciality – we help smaller initiatives grow sustainably.

These resources are usually the product of an expert joining an organisation, helping them out with their specific task but then noticing that the challenge is not that unusual. In order to make the work of our experts easier we have carved out the resource library on our website to collect all these tools and cases.

Of course, these spreadsheets and tools can be used by anyone – any grassroots group in a refugee-related setting might find these useful. They are also designed for you!

If you have any questions, our staff member Joel can answer them at joel[at]campfireinnovation[dot]org.

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