Pro Bono Experts

Pro Bono Experts

Last summer, Campfire Innovation piloted the Pro Bono Experts volunteer program, which we were proud to launch in November 2017 and are excited to grow. Campfire connects skilled volunteers looking to volunteer for 2+ weeks in Greece with a grassroots organization in need of pro bono support. Expert volunteers bring years of work experience in their respective field to the grassroots community. They contribute the skills often lacking in this hectic field: accounting, project management, fundraising, social media management, and recruitment strategies. Campfire matches volunteers to the teams where they can have a lasting and positive impact.

Examples of Expertise

Our expert volunteer Kyra facilitated a strategic planning workshop to guide Refugee Aid Serbia in updating their vision and setting goals with a timeline to track the progress for short, mid and long term objectives. David collaborated with RAS to help them document their financial process flow, make recommendations for improvements, and update their financial tools to provide transparent and simple financial reports. This amounted to 10 hours of pro bono consulting work. RAS runs an education workshop, does aid distributions in Belgrade and organized the Odyssey Project documentary.

At the beginning of July 2017, Campfire Innovation hosted Financial Management & Accounting Clinics. Through these, five grassroots teams (Jafra, We need Books, Khora, RYS, Musikarama, Hope Cafe, Orange House) benefited from the expertise of a certified account. During the appointments, Adam issued extensive financial advice, focusing on improving budgetary management and suggesting practical tools to effectively manage cash flows. In total, Adam provided approximately 20 hours of accounting services to the teams that joined the program.

Kyra and Dave introduced project management best practices and metric measuring processes at the Open Cultural Center, a social center catering to refugee families settled in and near Polikastro. They developed tools to facilitate the capture and analysis of indicators and metrics, and built project-specific spreadsheets to track and evaluate impact. They also advised and trained team members on processes and best practices for capturing basic metrics, such as class attendance, number of volunteer work-hours logged, or daily usage of OCC facilities. This project involved approximately 70 hours of pro-bono services.

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