Athens Grassroots Coordination System

Athens Grassroots Coordination System

Campfire Innovation helped develop the Athens Grassroots Coordination System (AGCS) in partnerships with Help Refugees. It’s a formal coordination forum among the grassroots community. The AGCS holds bi-weekly meetings for 25+ organisations providing refugee aid across various focus areas. Spin-off subgroup meetings have successfully resolved challenges facing the community in a collaborative setting. Particularly, the Education sub-group has been very active since the beginning of the Greek academic year.

With 7 camps in the Athens area and approximately 9000 refugees living in camps and squats, coordination is crucial to ensure effective services, sharing of resources and sharing information. Grassroots, local, community-led, civil society and independent organisations and initiatives have been providing aid, emergency support, education, legal help and many more services to refugees across Athens for over 2 years now.

As larger organisations scale back, it is important that we all work together to continue our support but also to increase efficiency and the amount of work we can do. Very simple, together we can do more and better.

The coordination system is a place to:

  • Share information Share resources
  • Ask for help in new projects
  • Create joint projects
  • Develop standards and guidelines together that are more representative of what we stand for as a community
  • Agree on joint action and/or position to issues
  • Create joint representation for more formal forums

All decisions are made democratically and any issue can be brought to the agenda by any participant as a person or a member of a team. Participation is open to any team or individual with an existing activity in Athens.

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