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This project ran from early 2017 until January of 2018. It is no longer a project of Campfire Innovation.

Campfire Innovation used to provide working professionals with 3+ years of experience with opportunities to benefit the grassroots community in Greece as an expert. Digital nomads, travelers with a purpose, young professionals on gap year or sabbatical, and experienced professionals all have skills that our grassroots community needs. They used to spend 2 weeks or more in Greece partnering with a grassroots organization and learning about dignified and effective refugee aid. Campfire Innovation’s experts participated in team meetings, events, and were offered the opportunity to volunteer with a variety of organizations in addition to their assigned Pro Bono project.

It was important to me to come to Europe and leverage my 8+ years of professional experience instead of doing something I had no experience with such as building things or teaching English. By providing strategic advice, project management best practices, and building financial tools we were able to make a sustainable impact that will help the grassroots teams support more refugees.

David Capizzani

Expert Volunteer in Thessaloniki and Serbia

The grassroots teams we encountered during our time with CAMPFIRE have incredible amounts of passion and energy. Many teams are led by wonderful, dedicated individuals who do not have much prior experience running an organization and are stretched for time to address internal processes. I believe it was a big stress relief for several of these leaders to have someone with experience build a simple process and tell them ‘it doesn’t have to be complex, just intentional and consistent’.

Kyra Capizzani

Expert Volunteer in Thessaloniki and Serbia
  • Project Management

    An organisation in Belgrade needed help setting medium and long-term goals. Our experts provided spreadsheets and methods to track their projects, including volunteers and finances.

  • Business Analyst

    A partner of Campfire Innovation may struggle with capturing their own impact, balancing that with a budget and a coherent accounting system.

  • Fundraising and financial Planning

    A community centre in Athens has been giving classes, legal advice, food and clothing. Their daily operations kept them so busy that a secure fundraising strategy is missing. You can help them develop one.

  • Recruitment Strategy

    A grassroot partner may manage to attract enough volunteers, though many struggle with the fact that volunteers only stay short term. Finding the kind of volunteers and staff is crucial and requires set goals and target audiences.

  • Social Media & Marketing

    An organisation in Athens delivers incredible amounts of food to newcomers and the homeless. Yet, too few people know about their weekly impact and their unique reach.

  • IT Networking

    Camp residents, volunteers, language class students in community centres – internet is vital for all of them. Yet, many networks are insecure or unreliable for daily production use.