How-to: Change Management

Making Your New Internal Process / System / ‘X’ Stick!

Risk of wasted Time and Effort

When delivering any change to the way a team has been operating there is always a risk that the effort to develop the improved ‘X’ will go to waste. If the team does not buy into the new way of doing things and simply does not follow the new plan all that energy spent analysing, designing, developing a great ‘X’ is useless.

Risk of wasted Time and Effort

  • Allow the team opportunities to participate in developing the new process/system/ ‘X’

    Balance efficiency with involvement by having small groups do the bulk of the designing/development and have the rest of the team review and provide feedback.

  • Once ‘X’ is ready, stop making changes to it for a designated period of time (v1. won′t be perfect)

    i.e. Operate with version1 of ‘X’ for two weeks then hold a meeting to review and make updates

  • Make an event of launching ‘X’

    Take time to review ‘X’ in detail, explicitly discuss all anticipated benefits of ‘X’ (even if some seem obvious). Celebrate and commit to ‘X’ as a team. High five! Make a ‘X’ cheer or encouraging meme, post reminders of X all over the office

  • Make it almost impossible for anyone to say “I didnt know” about ‘X’

    PRINT and POST details/steps to follow ‘X’ in work areas & remind everyone of the importance of ‘X’ at team meetings

  • You must LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

    As the one rolling out ‘X’ you MUST follow/use it religiously! If someone does something outside of new ‘X’ ask/remind them nicely “can you please use ‘X’ here?” When you receive excuses/complaints note them or ask the person to hold it for the next review of ‘X’ as you set up from Tip #2


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