How-to: Role Analysis

Balancing the work across the team


RACI Matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Contributor, Informed) is one way to outline all the work that your team needs to complete and indicate how each team member should be involved in each task. Here is an example RACI.

However, a Simplified Role Matrix can be just as effective.

  • Draft a list of all the work to be complete or roles to be filled
  • In columns across the top list all the members of the team
  • For each task add a note for “Lead” under the individual who is primarily responsible for that work and “Support” for others involved in that work
Vertical Team Member Analysis: Look down each column in of your Role Matrix one by one for…
  • Quantity: Evaluate if anyone is assigned to too many tasks or has room for more
  • Type: Evaluate if each person has the right balance of menial and critical tasks to keep them motivated but not burnt out
Horizontal Task Coverage Analysis: Look across each row of your Role Matrix to…
  • Ensure every task has at least one person assigned as responsible for doing it and one person as the escalation person or accountable person
  • Avoid assigning co-responsibility, if the task must be shared name a point person and others who will support.
  • If one single task has many people assigned as responsible
  • Ensure that there is a process in place to determine how to split up the work between the multiple responsible parties and to follow up/ensure there is accountability for the work getting done
  • Evaluate if the work could be accomplished with fewer people assigned (too many cooks in the kitchen?)

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